Ladies Kickboxing

Ladies Kickboxing (Ladies Only)

[FREE CLASS] If you’d like to increase your fitness level and stamina, lose weight or tone up, Evolution MMA is the place for you.

Building strength is not only healthy but it makes you look great as well. As you know, fighters work hard to stay light, strong and lean; they place a lot of emphasis on cardio and endurance and are always in peak physical shape, which is what makes Kickboxing ideal for women.

Learn the latest moves, work your body, and kick some butt at our Kickboxing Ladies classes.

Whatever program you decide to do with us, you’ll meet lots of different people, and you’ll have fun getting fit. With Evolution MMA & Fitness you’ll reach your fitness goals sooner – whether you want to lose fat, get fitter and firmer, or simply master some self-defense techniques.


We want you to be as comfortable as possible, so before you make your decision to train with us, you can book a private class, with one of our coaches:

  • An introduction to what to expect from classes
  • A 1-hour VIP Introduction session
  • Personal goal setting
  • Learn basic moves

Booking is essential – click here to book your private class.

For any queries, do not hesitate to contact the team at Evolution MMA & Fitness.

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