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Faizal Gordon



Faizal is Evolution’s dedicated Junior & Beginner BJJ coach.

He has developed a structured BJJ syllabus under the instruction of Rodrigo Giraldes our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Head coach.

In our junior classes, Faizal’s aim is to teach them the correct fundamentals of BJJ; develop their punching and kicking skills; and acquire self-defence skills.

Faizal’s coaching style develops and instils a positive attitude to learning and discipline, while ensuring students have fun while training.

Faizal has trained extensively in many martial art disciplines including BJJ, kickboxing, various forms of wrestling & Hapkido. Hapkido is a form of martial arts incorporating Aikido, Taekwondo and Judo, his training included wrist and joint locks, throws and taekwondo kicks.

He began Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in early 2000 and attained Blue belt under John Donahue, Extreme Jiu Jitsu and Habby Heske, MACH1. He trained BJJ for 7 years before taking a break due to work commitments.

Faizal returned to training in BJJ with Evolution MMA in 2013 and is actively training to attain a higher level under our Brazilian coaches Diogo Consoni and Rodrigo Giraldes.

He is extremely passionate about teaching and passing his knowledge on to his students and ensures his classes are structured and organized, with a strong focus on the details that makes things easier.


Faial runs his own business. He has three great kids (whom also train in BJJ and kickboxing). He enjoys family time in the great outdoors.  Being a tradie he likes to make and fix things and enjoys achievement of finishing things.

“Life is about living and enjoying. Passing on what we learn to future generations.”

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