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“To make a meaningful, positive impact on the lives of young people in our community”



At Evolution Youth Academy our mission is to provide strong, inspiring leadership in a fun, safe and structured Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts environment, where kids can be mentored and given the opportunity to grow, gain confidence, improve feelings of self-worth and improve physical fitness through meaningful interactions with adults and other kids alike.

A key part of our mission is to underpin all we do and say, to ensure we live, and communicate at all times, our core values of honesty, integrity, commitment, dedication, friendship, courage, acceptance, kindness, forgiveness, respect, loyalty and perseverance.


The target audience of Evolution Youth Academy are primarily kids of all ages up to 16 years who are experiencing some form of hardship, find they have no friends at school, are getting bullied, are overweight, suffer from self-confidence issues, anxiety or depression, have issues at home or are just feeling unmotivated and unfulfilled.

Evolution Youth Academy aims to develop kids with leadership potential and rebuild struggling kids by providing firsm, inspirational and empowering leadership and mentoring.

Evolution Youth Academy uses a disciplined approach to its training, a structured approach to its hierachy within the kids group and its martial arts training, foster an envirnment of trust where what is revealed in class is to stay in class, and all done in a sporting environment where kids can be themselves while conducting Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts activities.

Each week kids will receive a mentoring class from one of the Evolution Youth Academy leaders or guest speakers, who will talk about relevant topics around some of the biggest issues that face our youth in society today. The objective will be to share stories that help break down barriers, encourage openness, to discuss various coping mechanisms, to help kids feel that they are not alone, to foster courage through communication and action through positive leadership and disciplined decision making in all situations.

After the mentoring class kids will correctly warm up to avoid injury and partake in Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing training which will be combined with team building and individual bonding activites to enhance the Evolution Youth Academy experience.


Kids will meet weekly at 10am each Saturday at the Evolution MMA gym in Wangara at 6/19 Innovation Circuit. They are to wear sports clothing, bring towel, a water bottle, their own gloves and hand wraps (only if you have them).

For any other questions or information please contact:

Darren: 0409 885 535 or email darren@evolution-mma.com.au


Drew: 0437 825 843 or email drew@fluidearthindustries.com.au


A key strategy of Evolution Youth Academy is to inspire attendance and dedication through the use of achievement-based outcomes. This will begin with the kids being required to attend 4 sessions before being issued an Evolution Youth Academy training shirt (white shirts).

After the 4 weeks kids will enter the second phase of structure and will be issued a red shirt (the red shirts). From here a behavioral, seniority, competence and leadership based promotional reward structure where a hierachy will be established. The identifying factor will be the color of the shirt worn and the title held by the individual (kids will move from red to blue and blue to black shirts). Key milestones reached by kids in their growth and development, and positive behavioral actions will also be recognised by a recognition reward ceremony.



On occasion the group will be taken to other training centers, community functions, schools and fun based excursions. Parents will be notified, and kids will need to be provided with written authorization to attend.

The outings will provide kids with a bonding experience, a chance to positively impact other kids in the community with what they have learnt at the academy, and a chance to practice their new-found skills in our community.